When you “dream big”, success will follow.

The Continental story is a familiar narrative that truly defines the American dream— hope, courage, dreams and hard work will always be the cornerstones of a successful business. Continental Accessories Corp. is a family business— originated three generations ago on the streets of New York. 

Today, after more than 70 years in business, Continental Accessory Corp. continues to help retailers attract and sustain a lucrative customer base— primarily within the student and young-professional demographics— with our multi-purpose, coordinated lines of everyday, fashion-forward accessories. 


  • Richard Koeppel - Founder and President of Continental Accessory Corp.

Part of the second generation of the original business established back in 1938. For 50 years, Richard has been at the forefront of bringing in fashion, cutting edge and trendy products to this country from the Far East. He also has brought to the company an aggressive sales and marketing strategy as well as an ability negotiate for better costs with factories overseas. Today, Richard continues to take part in the development and merchandising of new products and manages a global staff in partnership with his two sons, Ron and Eric.    


  • Ronald Koeppel, ESQ. - Founder and Vice President 

Ron brings to the table a methodical approach to management, a spark for creativity and a legal background which has enabled the company to develop and market patented products and acquire the rights to well known brands and major licenses. Ron has been with the company over 20 years.


  • Eric Koeppel - Founder and Vice President 

Eric is also with the firm over 20 years.  Eric manages the sales team to make sure that our new and exciting products have a mass market presence to help satisfy our customers.  Eric has a keen ability to anticipate the needs and wants of our customers and has a true feel for new and innovative programs.